Harwinton Land Trust

We recently had a very successful work party at Indian Meadow.  Thanks to Larry Connors, a new property marker is at the head of the trail on White Oak Drive.

The rest of the crew made great headway in creating our butterfly garden.  The chosen area was brush cut and covered by a tarp.   The rest of the meadow was also cleared allowing for new growth next year.  And some of those pesky invasives were attacked.

The group turned the above, into this:

Thanks to Frank Buonocore, Bob Orciari, Mary Magnoli, Eric Rahn, Rob Lesniewski, Elaine Sederquist and Bob Hart.

Thanks to a grant from the  ExtremeTerrain Clean Trail Grant Program we are able to continue our work at Forever Forest to build another bridge.   Thanks to Bob and Steve for hauling the wood out, and Rob and crew for carrying it over the bluff.  Next step is bridge building!

We missed our 2020 annual meeting last year and delayed the 2021 annual meeting to await a safer time.  The meeting was scheduled to be held in September at the Harwinton Public Library but due to continuing COVID concerns, we cannot confidently hold a meeting at this time.  We had engaged a most interesting speaker, Andy Dobos.  He was to give a presentation on  “Tips for Tracking Wildlife and How to Identify Animal Tracks”.  We plan to reschedule this meeting when we can safely do so.  At this time we are planning to schedule this at our usual annual meeting time in April.

The mission of the Harwinton Land Conservation Trust is to acquire, preserve, and conserve significant open space in Harwinton to benefit the environment and the public.

Harwinton Land Trust is a volunteer run organization managed by a Board of Directors which is elected at our annual membership meeting.