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Trail Improvements at Meadowview

The Harwinton Land Trust had another productive work party at our Meadowview property on November 14, 2015. The turnout of volunteers was excellent and the chilly fall weather was perfect for the work that needed to be done. Big thanks go to Ken Baldwin, Bruce Baldwin, Larry Connors, Steve Craig, Tamara Christensen, Gary Griffin, John Grustas, Karen Kelleher, Rob Lesniewski, Bob Orciari, Bob Sederquist, and Elaine Sederquist. Together, we were able to extend a boardwalk that will go across the dike of Meadowview Pond, clear a trail loop back to the dike boardwalk, open up a nice view of the large marsh, and clear around the new parking area to provide visitors a clear vision of where the trail begins. It’s amazing to see how nice the area has become from what was once an impenetrable mass of briars interspersed between patches of soggy ground.

Harwinton Landtrust Meadowview Property

Part of the Meadowview work party on November 14, 2015.