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Wilderness School Work Days in 2016

For the third consecutive year, the Harwinton Land Trust received help from the Wilderness School. The School is run by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF). It is designed to foster self esteem, personal responsibility, and interpersonal skills of young boys and girls attending the program. As part of the program, the kids are required to perform community service.

The Harwinton Land Trust has developed a growing relationship with the Wilderness School.  The Trust greatly appreciates the help that the kids provide toward improving our properties.  In return, the Trust hopes that it can provide some social benefit, as well as to instill an appreciation of the natural environment to the School’s students.  This year, the Trust received help from the School in the summer (8/9/16) and again in the fall (11/5/16).  Both days were spent improving the trail system at Meadowview.  With help from the Wilderness School, visitors to Meadowview will find the trails a pleasure to walk through.

In the summer, the kids created a brand new trail, posted trail markers, and cleared an historic site where charcoal was once produced up to the early 1900s.

Photo 1-Wilderness Crew

Once again, the summer crew proved to be a hard working group of kids. DCF administrators also visited and were impressed by the work that was being done.


Photo-2 Sawing a trip-stump

Student sawing off an exposed tree stump so that visitors walking on the trail can avoid tripping.

Photo-3 Rob and student at intersection post

Meadowview’s Land Steward, Rob Lesniewski, congratulating a student for the hard work of installing a trail marker post. His job was made difficult by the huge rocks and roots that had to be removed in order to plant the post firmly in the ground.

In the fall, the kids improved Meadowview’s parking area, planted daffodil bulbs, and made more improvements to the trail system.


The fall crew proved to be energetic and enthusiastic. Their four counselors strove to instill an ethic of volunteerism among the students.


Some the kids spread process gravel over the parking area.


Others planted daffodil bulbs along the trail to make it more attractive for visitors.


Still others made improvements to the trail system itself.