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Prudden Easement Clearcutting

The Harwinton Land Trust is deeply saddened by the recent illegal clearcut on its conservation easement along upper Leadmine Brook Road. This conservation easement was given to the land trust by long-time residents, Betsy and Peter Prudden, in 1999. The easement was donated to the land trust in order protect the land and its natural habitat for wildlife. For nearly 20 years the land trust has been diligent in its stewardship of the easement and performed formal inspections each year to ensure that the required land protections were being adhered to. During those years, the land remained protected, provided environmental benefits, and added to the rural character of our town.

Needless to say, it was a shock to find that a 1-acre forested area of our easement had been completely leveled within a day (Oct 19) by heavy land clearing equipment. The Trust’s Board of Directors convened immediately after the event to determine a course of action.  Our first steps were to consult with a surveyor and certified forester to begin the process of defining an approach to remediation. We understand the importance of this property to so many fellow Harwintonians, and we are committed to restoring the area. We intend to update the community as we move forward through this process.