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Spring ’18 Work Parties

The land trust held three work parties this spring:

At Indian Meadow on 4/28, a standard Harwinton Land Trust sign was installed at a planned public parking area on RT 4. At the area’s White Oak Dr. access, we installed signs and trail posts, and planted 70 hemlock seedlings for a privacy buffer along the border of a neighboring home. This spring’s work has moved us closer to opening the area for public hiking.

Installing a trail intersection post at white and yellow trails (being developed) at Indian Meadow.


A new land trust sign was installed at the planned parking area for Indian Meadow.

At Meadowview on 5/5, six blueberry bushes, three mountain laurel, and two rhododendrons were planted near the parking area, and 30 hemlock seedlings were planted along the border of a neighboring home. While some of our group did the plantings, others completed a rock-step walk to provide dry walking through a wet part of the trail. The work continued our efforts to improve our trail system through this beautiful area.

Planting hemlock seedlings along the border of a neighboring home.  Invasives (multiflora rose and bittersweet vines) had been recently cut in the area to allow the seedlings to thrive.


Flat rocks were placed along a wet section of trail to provide dry walking.

At Bull Pond on 5/16, 12 blueberry bushes and three mountain laurel were planted along the shore, and three rhododendrons and day lilies were planted at the driveway’s barrier posts. All three flower gardens were tended to and mulched. The work continued our efforts to naturalize and improve the aesthetics of the area that had been devastated by a windstorm in 2009.

Planting and mulching along the driveway’s protective barrier posts.


Planting blueberry bushes along the shore of Bull Pond

Many thanks go to the 16 land trust members (Bruce Baldwin, Karen Burnett, Celeste Echlin, Paul Edwards, Bob Hart, Karen Kelleher,  Dan Lyga, Matt O’Connell, Bob Orciari, Eric Rahn, Glen Richardson, Elaine Sederquist, Bill Tracy, Fred & Jan Tullock, and Sam Walker), who spent nearly 60 hours improving our areas during the three work parties. 
Special thanks go to Larry Connors for creating the Indian Meadow sign.