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Recent acquisition of land

The Harwinton Land Trust is pleased to announce the acquisition of 2 acres of land adjacent to its Forever Forest nature area located off of Whetstone Drive. The acquisition was recently donated to the Trust through a generous donation made by Charleen and Bernie (deceased 2017) Chevalier. Bernie and Charleen loved the woods behind their home, and years ago decided to donate a portion of their land to the Trust. Both were long time Harwintonians and ran their kennel on RT 118 for 50 years. They were also long time members of the Land Trust. Bernie was an avid outdoorsman and Charleen loved outdoor work, especially keeping their property in meticulous condition. Both were simply very nice people. Charleen recently moved from Harwinton to be closer to her sister. We wish her the best.

The 2-acre donation provides the Land Trust with complete ownership of a high ridge affectionately called “Bernie’s Overlook”.  Bernie’s nephew, John Chevalier, helped install a park bench on the overlook in Bernie’s honor. Up to now, a trail led to the overlook’s bench, but the trail dead-ended at our property line causing hikers to return on the same trail.  Now with complete ownership of the ridge, a trail loop can be created with nice views of surrounding marshland. The tip of the ridge also contains several large slabs of sandstone. These slabs may have historic importance, as these types of rock may have been used to produce whetstones at a “factory” site located nearby off of Whetstone Drive.