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Visiting our areas during these difficult times

During this time of social distancing, the Harwinton Land Trust continues to welcome visitors to its properties, but please follow the general guidelines of keeping a separation distance of at least 6 ft. from other people, unless you’re in a family unit.   It would also be advisable to place a mask over your mouth and nose when crossing paths with other hikers.  Hiking and fishing are healthy outdoor activities that can be done singly or separated from others.  The land trust is happy to provide those activities and hopes you’ll enjoy our properties while staying safe and remaining healthy.

Recently, more visitors seem to be using our land trust areas, perhaps because state parks and bike trails have become overcrowded.  Several of our areas are located in quiet neighborhoods and some of our trails do run close to homes.  The land trust wants to remain a good neighbor, so we ask that visitors respect the privacy, peace and quiet of the folks that live nearby.

We want everyone to come away with a good experience after visiting our areas.  Stay Well!