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New trail at Forever Forest

Last fall (2019), a new trail trail was cut through our newly acquired area of Forever Forest.   The trail is blue blazed and extends beyond what’s know as “Bernie’s Overlook” to the tip of the promontory.  The new trail then loops back to the white trail, exiting at the bridge over the outlet stream of the marsh.  The trust is in the process of building bridges and boardwalks from the tip of the promontory to the two “islands” in the surrounding marsh (see Forever Forest Printable Map).  The first bridge was completed this spring (2020), and two others will hopefully be completed by the end of the year (unfortunately, the virus has curtailed our ability to hold work parties needed to complete projects).

Directors, Steve Craig and Eric Rahn, keeping a measured 6-ft separation distance while working on the first bridge crossing to the “islands.