Open Space Acquisition Plan Completed

Over the last year, the Land Trust developed and completed a comprehensive Land Acquisition Plan.  The Plan demonstrates the Trust’s commitment to properly acquire and protect important natural open spaces in Harwinton.  It provides a set of guiding principles and procedures to assure the Trust acquires only the best properties within its financial means.  It explains that not all lands have the same level of importance, and that there are limits to the Trust’s capacity to provide proper stewardship on future acquisitions.  Thus, the Trust will need to be selective when acquiring new properties.  The plan has a rating system that can assess potential acquisitions based on environmental, social and public-use factors.  The Open Space Acquisition Plan, 2016 can be read in its entirety in the Plans and Documents section of our website.  If you feel that you may own land that could have importance as preserved open space, we’d be very happy to talk with you.