About the land trust

The Harwinton Land Trust was founded in the early 1970s by three town residents, who had the foresight to recognize that suburban sprawl could degrade the rural charm of Harwinton and its natural resources.  Nearly 50 years later, the Land Trust has grown to over 170 members strong.  We acquire property by accepting donations of land from property owners who wish to preserve their natural open spaces or farms against development.  In turn, donors of land are rewarded with substantial tax incentives, and the knowledge that the land they cherish will be protected from development in perpetuity.

Currently, the Harwinton Land Trust owns over 170 acres of open space, and holds another 90 acres in a conservation easement.  We hope to add areas of importance for natural resource conservation, passive recreation, or farming.  The public is most welcome to visit our properties and to enjoy our trails and wildlife observation areas.  Land trust members actively maintain our properties and regularly inspect conservation easement land to assure compliance.  Funds collected through membership dues and various fund raisers are used to protect and maintain our properties, and to keep our promise of natural open space protection.