Indian Meadow


Indian Meadow protects the head waters of Rock Brook.

Indian Meadow is 34 acres in size. It was donated to the Trust in 1987 as part of the development of new homes on White Oak Drive. It is an elongated parcel that lies between White Oak Drive and Woodchuck Lane. The property has two short boundaries that touch RT 4 (Burlington Road) and White Oak Lane. Public access from RT 4 is not feasible due to traffic concerns. Access from White Oak Drive has not yet been developed, but there is some possibility of creating a walking trail through the property’s areas of upland forest and along the East Branch of Rock Brook. The property has good potential for wildlife management, adds to a long wildlife corridor from New Hartford to Bristol, and protects the East Branch of Rock Brook. The Trust is currently considering best management practices for the property.

The Harwinton Land Trust offers special thanks to the following: 

The Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation in 2016 for a grant to obtain a professional survey of the property’s borders.