HLT Geocaches

Are you new to geocaching?  Read our article that explains this world wide game of hide and seek.  It’s a great way for the entire family to enjoy the outdoors.  Currently (2018), geocaches can be found on four of our properties through geocaching.com.   Once on the geocaching site, just enter the geocache numbers listed below to get a description and the latitude and longitude coordinates for each geocache.  Can you find them all?

At Bull Pond, the five geocache numbers are:   GC7RZBM, GC7RZCG, GC7RZDA, GC7RZE6, and GC69TTB

At Forever Forest, the three geocache numbers are:  GC6X073,   GC6X07N, and GC499J9

At Meadowview, the four geocache numbers are:  GC7V0HX, GC7V03G, GC7V0K0, and GC7V0K9

At Laurel Marsh, the one geocache number is: GC44BZA

The Harwinton Land Trust greatly appreciates Chris (better know as “mixwithh2o”) for placing and maintaining geocaches on our properties.  She does a great job in keeping the caches in tip-top shape.

“mixwithh2o” checking out her geocaches at the Bull Pond Preserve